(1)Basic Philosophy
Japan Sauna Spa Association shall always be of service to people in promoting good  health and provide active and energetic ways of life for tomorrow,thus,contribute to various social activities in happy and healthy manners.

(2)Summary of the Japan Sauna Spa Association
Name of the Organization: Japan Sauna.Spa Association
Foundation: April 27, 1990
Address: 907 ULS Ichigaya. 4-8-30 Kudanminami.. Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo.

    102-0074 Japan
Telephone: 81-3-5275-1541 Fax: 81-3-5275-1543
Business Objectives:The Association
s business objectives are to develop and nurture a healthy sauna spa industry while attempting to improve the quality of individual sauna spa businesses in Japan, to disseminate correct information about sauna spas, and to improve hygiene standards in sauna spa business facilities, thereby contributing to the improvement of environmental hygiene.

Description of Business Activities:
Dissemination of correct information about sauna spas
Setting of standards for sauna spa business facilities and accreditation of      facilities which meet those standards
Holding seminars to train sauna facility managers and facility management technicians, and registration of those qualified
Research on sauna spas and development of technologies
Exchanges with overseas sauna spa organizations
Communication with governmental organizations and related domestic organizations

(1) Regular Members (105 parties): These are individuals or organizations who have agreed with the objectives of this association and become members. They need to hold a business license based on the Public Bath Law.
(2) Supporting Members (40 parties): These are individuals or organizations who have become members in order to support the business of this association.
(3) The Japan Sauna Spa Association is engaged in various business activities aimed at fostering a healthy sauna industry.

1. Publications of the Sauna Spa Industry
1) In order to present information regarding the Association and the industry, we publish a monthly newsletter called
SAUNA SPA every month and distribute it to the members and others.
2) In order to disseminate correct information about saunas, we are distributing the
Sauna Spa Book.
3) We have set March 7 every year as a
Day of Sauna and Health and we carry out a nationwide blood donation campaign, with the cooperation of the Japanese Red Cross Society, as part of our efforts to popularize sauna spas and contribute to society.

2. Improvement of Hygiene Standards and Security Operations
1) We have formulated a
Self-Management Standard For Ensuring Hygiene At Sauna Spa Business Facilities to improve hygiene standards, and a Sauna Spa Facility Installation Standard for the prevention of fires. In this way, we are striving to ensure the quality of hygiene and security at sauna business facilities.
2) We award the title of
Outstanding Sauna Facility to sauna spa business facilities that meet the standards for accreditation as set by the association.

3. Education and Training Operations
1) We are making efforts to improve the quality of management and employees by holding seminars, which are sponsored by the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, to train the management of facilities (managers, facility managers, etc.) and sauna  spa trainers.
People who have completed the training course will be qualified to register titles such as,
Sauna Facility Management QualificationandSauna Health Management

Qualification. If they register, those titles will be granted.
2) We hold owner (executive) workshops where the participants can learn management techniques and exchange information.